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IV vitamin therapy is administered by one of our Naturopathic Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions about IV Vitamin Drips

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Intravenous vitamin drips involve the infusion of the typical nutrients that are depleted in the body. By adding different vitamins and minerals in different concentrations, we are able to stimulate the body to rapidly aid cellular replenishment and give out rapid results. Furthermore, it bypasses the digestive system which is vastly needed for certain people with specific chronic diseases or poor digestion.

Benefits of an IV Vitamin Drip

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  • Rehydrating and stimulating repair on a cellular level
  • Helping your body recover faster from injuries or training
  • Boosting your energy levels, clear brain fog & improving your concentration
  • Reducing the effects of stress on your body & mind
  • Maintaining a healthy immune system, giving you a boost after a bought of the cold/flu
  • Strengthening your hair, nails, and improve the appearance of your skin
  • Speeding up your recovery from injuries or surgery
  • Relaxing and balance your mood
  • Detoxifying & supporting your liver functions
  • Improving your metabolism
  • Helping you manage effects from chronic diseases

Is IV Vitamin Therapy Safe?

Yes! All our IV bags are prepped by your Naturopathic doctor that is highly trained in safe & sterile handling of all ingredients. All the pharmaceuticals we use are Health Canada approved and ordered directly from a compounding pharmacy in the city. 

Our Naturopathic doctor will go through a list of questions during your initial IV assessment to ensure that it is right & safe for you. They will also determine which bag is right for you or if you would benefit from any add-ons.

How long do the vitamins & nutrients last in the body?

For most people it will last around 2-3 weeks. However, some people may have a more drastic vitamin and nutrient deficiency and may feel the effects wear off after a week. Most people will require a series of treatments for longer lasting effects. After your IV assessment, your Naturopath will determine a drip frequency that is suitable for you. 

How long do the vitamins & nutrients last in the body?

This depends on what nutrients are in the bag. Most commonly with our Axis[BOOST] formula, you should feel more alert, less brain fog, better attention span, and more energy throughout your day. 

Some people feel an immediate bump in their energy and alertness, for others they notice the positive effects throughout their daily life during the following days/weeks. They notice they are more productive, have better concentration, more motivation to workout, clearer skin and getting better sleep.

Is IV Therapy covered by insurance?

The Naturopathic consultation & IV administration fee can be covered by your employee health benefits if you have covered under Naturopathic Services. The cost of the bag itself is a separate charge ($40-$100, depending the formula) that you would have to pay for separately. However some benefits plans cover supplements or have a health spendings account that you can expense it under.


Energy.Mental Clarity.Metabolism Boost
Key Ingredients: Selenium, Vitamin C

Sports recovery.Injury repair.
Key Ingredients: Amino Acids, Magnesium.

Mental Health.Stress.Adrenal Support
Key Ingredients: B-Combo, Glutathione

Immune boost. Illness recovery.
Key Ingredients: High-dose Vitamin C, Zinc

Liver support. Skin clearing.
Key Ingredients: Glutathione, Vitamin C

Why Choose a Naturopath at Axis Therapy & Performance

At Axis Therapy it is our mission to become a pivotal part of your recovery journey. We do not compromise on quality of care or customer service. We are results driven, and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and live pain free.

Our Naturopathic Doctors also collaborate with other team members (physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and fascial stretch therapists) to ensure you are getting a complete circle of care.


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