Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


Our expert Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists in Scarborough help relieve your chronic pelvic pain, address incontinence, strengthen or relax your pelvic muscles

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Scarborough

About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor physiotherapy addresses & treats weak or overly tight pelvic floor muscles. Your session usually consists of a thorough health history intake, and might include an exam of the internal pelvic floor muscles. This is then followed by a properly designed exercise program to address your concerns.

Signs of overly TIGHT pelvic floor muscles

– Urinary/fecal urgency
– Urge incontinence
– Chronic Pelvic Pain
– Vaginismus/Vulvodynia
– Pudendal Neuralgia
– Interstitial Cystitis
– Chronic Prostatitis
– … and more

Signs of overly WEAK pelvic floor muscles
  • Stress incontinence
  • Urge incontinence
  • Uterine/bladder prolapse
Do I need a prescription?

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to come to our clinic to start your treatment. However, your insurance may require a referral note to reimburse you for your sessions. You can check your plan, or give us a call and we might be able to check for you! (647)350-2766

Do you accept insurance? How about OHIP?

Yes! We offer direct insurance billing for most major insurance companies. However, every policy is different and we may not be able to process the direct billing. Please check with your insurance company.

We ARE NOT an OHIP/ODSP approved clinic.

Call us at (647)350-2766 to start your Pelvic Floor Therapy today!

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

April 27, 2023 by Pha-Ly Ho, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Pelvic floor physiotherapy addresses dysfunctions in the pelvic floor and surrounding musculature. Treatments can include manual therapy, education, and exercises that help relieve symptoms like pelvic pain and incontinence.   What is pelvic floor dysfunction? Everyone has a pelvic floor. It’s made up of the muscles…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pelvic Floor Therapy

How Do I know if I need Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

There are many indications that you might need to see a pelvic health physiotherapist, but some of the most common issues are:
– Leaky bladder/incontinence, painful or unstructured urination/bowel movements
– Peeing a little with coughing, sneezing, jumping/exercising
– Urge to urinate but unable to
– Pelvic pain (vulvodynia, pubis symphysis dysfunction or pain, etc)
– Bladder/uterine prolapse

What do they do during a Pelvic Floor Therapy session?

Your Pelvic Physiotherapist will go through a questionnaire with you that outlines all the symptoms and issues you have been having. Based on this assessment, your therapist might need to perform an internal examination of the pelvic muscles. Through internal manipulation of the pelvic floor muscles, your physiotherapist can help to restore the function and proper tone of your muscles.
During your session you will also be prescribed pelvic and core strengthening/stretching exercises to help relieve your pain & symptoms.

How long does Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy take to work?

Every body and every condition is different and a treatment will be catered to your individual needs. However in our experience, most people feel noticeable differences within 2-3 treatments (usually spread out over a few weeks). With consistent in treatment and sticking to your prescribed pelvic health exercise plan – you can see results faster than you think!

Call us at (647)350-2766 to start your Pelvic Floor Therapy today!

Do I need a Doctor’s Notes?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to come to our Physiotherapy clinic in Scarborough. However, check with your insurance company to see if you need one for reimbursement. If you have any ultrasound/x-ray/MRI/CT results, please bring them in! Your physiotherapist can review the results with you.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy services are covered by most employee health benefits plans. We offer direct billing for most major insurance companies including:
– Manulife/OTIP
– Sunlife
– Canada Life
– Green Shield Canada
– Desjardins
– Industrial Alliance
– Medavie Bluecross
– Claimsecure
– Manion
Don’t see your insurer here? Call us at (647)350-2766 and speak to one of our Client Experience Coordinators directly!

Why Choose Physiotherapy at Axis Therapy in Scarborough

Sue DujmovicSue Dujmovic
19:16 30 Sep 23
I started seeing Dr. Oh earlier in the year for chiropractic and have since also started seeing Rex for FST and Erika for acupuncture/cupping. They are all AMAZING and I'm so glad I found Axis Therapy as there are so many great therapists and offer so many different treatment options!
Symone NelsonSymone Nelson
19:10 29 Sep 23
Axis is a one stop stop for all of my physical wellness needs. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and most importantly professional.I've worked with various staff but Dr. Lim (chiropractor) has been amazing. I started going to her for chronic neck and back pain and for my first time in years I no longer have pain and can finally sleep through the night.I'm looking forward to continuing with maintenance treatments so I can maintain how great I feel.
Kyle DotyKyle Doty
17:49 27 Sep 23
I have just recently been seeing Dr. Oh regarding my neck pain/tightness and so far so good. He’s been able to pin point the problem and given me great adjustments and exercises to help the area. Staff is always friendly and the office is always clean and inviting.
Sharon SanthakumarSharon Santhakumar
12:59 26 Sep 23
Absolutely love going to Axis and being treated by Anker. Anker is extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly & passionate. She maximizes my sessions with various treatment styles and I always leave feeling extremely relaxed. I have also noticed a huge improvement in back issues. I would definitely recommend going to Axis and booking an appointment with Anker!
Fatima EFatima E
19:18 24 Sep 23
Vysnika ManmatharajahVysnika Manmatharajah
17:26 24 Sep 23
Having never seen a chiro before and hating massages, I went into see Dr. Tiffany for some back issues. She was the absolute best! She was very calm and patient in addressing my needs and let me take time to get comfortable. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is just curious at the least to check her out!
Akosua AliAkosua Ali
16:30 24 Sep 23 Axis is friendly and knows what she's doing!! Love having her as my therapist!! Thanks Erika, for always making me feel welcome and taking the kinks out! Erika you are AWESOME:)
sharmila sookdeosharmila sookdeo
21:40 22 Sep 23
Recently start using this company and definitely recommend. Both Rupal and Erika are amazing. Already booked more appointments with them
Danny AdolfoDanny Adolfo
13:46 22 Sep 23
Highly recommending this clinic. Excellent practitioners. Very accommodating and helpful staff. They process my claim direct to the insurance company so no hassle on my part.
Manjit KaurManjit Kaur
19:27 20 Sep 23
Darlene MantiniDarlene Mantini
14:26 19 Sep 23
Only second time with Rohan and going to Axis but I’m happy I’ve found him. My Quadricep Tendon Rupture surgery was not one that’s done everyday. Rohan works with knee patients, expertly, knowledgeably and is very thorough & patient.I would feel more comfortable though leaving my appointments with a handout as a reminder of my daily exercises with instructions. This would ensure I don’t forget them and the proper way to do them.
Sue Isil MumcuSue Isil Mumcu
18:52 18 Sep 23
I loved the place and the staff already. Especially Dr. David Ohas a Chiropractor was great! Also two friend of mine go to him and they are very happy.
C JoseC Jose
17:16 17 Sep 23
Highly recommend Dr Tiff Lim, she takes the time to hear your needs and very informative with my treatment. She also does ortho and helped with my plantar fasciitis, from the exercises and insoles. Always a great experience!
shahriar shahmirishahriar shahmiri
04:07 14 Sep 23
Rex is Number one 🥇👍
Denise MohamedDenise Mohamed
19:48 12 Sep 23
Natalie TorresNatalie Torres
23:23 09 Sep 23
Such a great experience, staff was kind and very informative. 100% would recommend and will be back myself!
Lordy LordyLordy Lordy
22:07 07 Sep 23
Gary was amazing
Binh NBinh N
17:11 07 Sep 23
Poor experience with anker. Appointments became more and more stale after each visit. I didn't like being left in the room with needles in me for 99% of the time and then charged a premium rate. My injury also did not get resolved. The facility is nice and modern, reception is warm and welcoming, and other therapists have been great, but I initially came for the number of great reviews and how well the company is active on Instagram, thinking this place was different from the other rehab clinics. I have gone to places where they just use machines or assistants who don't really do anything but milk your insurance in a money hungry way. If this is how each appointment is now, and this is the direction the company is going in then i would recommend going somewhere else.
john peterjohn peter
00:49 01 Sep 23
Karina AKarina A
23:13 31 Aug 23
Kat is awesome and takes the time to understand what’s been going on before the session starts to target what needs the most attention. She’s super personable and makes u feel comfortable. the staff all around has been a pleasure to deal with.
Chantel GChantel G
20:34 31 Aug 23
Great staff and service! I learned a lot as well.
Claudette WhiteClaudette White
19:17 31 Aug 23
Had fascial therapy with Rex today. Feel soo much better!! Rex is very attentive and personable while still maintaining his professionalism. He takes the time to explain everything and gives you stretching suggestions after the session.
Ipyana ViscardiIpyana Viscardi
16:01 28 Aug 23
I saw Erika at axis for acupuncture and cupping. When I tell you I felt like a noodle after this treatment LOL. Everything that normally feels tight was so relaxed. She was very informative and caring towards my issues. I can’t wait to go back. I would strongly recommend this treatment to any athlete.
Arham NaseerArham Naseer
19:31 26 Aug 23
Rohan is really good and knows what hes doing. I have acl reconstruction and on my first day it already made a difference. Definitely recommend.Its been almost 3 and a half weeks and Rohan has helped me with my leg strength and im almost back to walking!
Dave LeavittDave Leavitt
01:33 24 Aug 23
17:47 23 Aug 23
I've been getting treated by Anker at Axis Therapy for a few weeks now, and she's definitely been great with helping reduce my knee pain. The facility is well equipped, very clean, and the booking system is efficient. Highly recommend for anyone needing treatment of any kind.
Harry ProductionHarry Production
23:38 22 Aug 23
Andrew is the best! Fixed my shoulder and helped me hit 225lbs bench!
Ramina Jaye VelascoRamina Jaye Velasco
19:36 22 Aug 23
00:34 22 Aug 23
I was looking for a new RMT in the area. My first experience at Axis was great.Rupal was thorough and professional. I felt relief after my first massage. She worked her magic and gave me some helpful exercise and stretching tips.The office is modern and the staff was pleasant. Looking forward to my next session…
David SpencerDavid Spencer
23:45 21 Aug 23
A great first impression!! Well treated in a very professional environment.... looking foreward to future appointments!
Jenny TranJenny Tran
22:31 19 Aug 23
Great experience at Axis Therapy & Performance! I see Kat for massage therapy and she always does such amazing work! All the staff including the front desk are highly knowledgable, helpful and friendly! I will continue to come to Axis for treatment and highly recommend!
Sayanutha NiranjanSayanutha Niranjan
22:38 15 Aug 23
I had the pleasure of working with Pha-ly for the last couple of weeks after a sports knee injury , and I can't recommend her enough! Her friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge instantly puts me at ease. She was not only approachable but also very down to earth, making every session enjoyable. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge , the injury to my knee is now on the path to recovery. If you're looking for a skilled and personable physiotherapist, Pha-ly is the one to go to! She’s great 🙂
Nikesh ShingalaNikesh Shingala
23:34 14 Aug 23
md hossainmd hossain
15:15 12 Aug 23
13:56 10 Aug 23
David Oh is very knowledgeable and friendly, I couldn’t ask for a better first experience with a chiropractor.
khaled Almouktarankhaled Almouktaran
06:11 10 Aug 23
I had a chiropractic appointment with Dr. David Oh Yesterday and had a very positive experience. Dr. Oh took the time to evaluate my concerns and provided adjustments. My pain level decreased after the first visit, and I received feedback and tools to minimize pain. My time at the clinic was very relaxing and educational. The front desk staff was terrific.I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Oh and would highly recommend Dr. Oh & Axis to anyone looking for chiropractic services. My family and coworkers have already scheduled appointments with Dr. Oh, as I can't stop talking about the outstanding assistance I received at Axis.
Adnun MazumderAdnun Mazumder
21:36 09 Aug 23
It was always a good feeling after the treatment by Dr. David Oh. Doctor David is very professional and knowledgeable person. I’m already seeing a lot of improvement of my pain. His assessment and treatment is really praiseworthy. I would highly recommend Axis Therapy & Dr. David who is looking for chiropractic services.
Sade ASade A
00:15 26 Jul 23
I stumbled across Axis on Google some months back. I am someone who likes pressure- lots of it. I get that from the staff at Axis plus more. Everyone you interact with is friendly and they do an excellent job at making you feel relaxed and comfortable. My go to guy is Gary. If you can handle pressure, he is your guy. I just had a 60 minute session today and although I wanted to "tap out" mid way, I had to hold it in. It's a bitter sweet feeling. Highly recommend these guys. You will not be disappointed
Angela Jihye AhnAngela Jihye Ahn
23:46 25 Jul 23
David has been an amazing chiropractor for my partner and his herniated disk. He’s been very kind and thoughtful on a personal level, but very honest and professional when it comes to the pain. His recommendations and treatments have been realistic and working well, and he is also very receptive to our concerns and feedbacks. Highly recommend Dr. David Oh 👍👍👍👍👍
Melani SuseenthiranMelani Suseenthiran
19:37 25 Jul 23
Just started massage therapy with Andrew at Axis a couple of weeks ago and so far it has been an amazing experience! Andrew has been really attentive and thorough with relieving my problem areas. He's very informative and I appreciate that he always explains the reasoning for each specific treatment. Overall all of the staff have been very welcoming and helpful which makes the entire experience seamless. I would definitely recommend Andrew and Axis to anyone looking for professional and high quality treatment!
Tiffany LauTiffany Lau
19:12 17 Jul 23
I am very thankful for all the amazing staff at Axis that help with my mobility and keep my body healthy to perform. Rex and Carolyn listen to my needs and understand what is required to help me achieve the range of motion or movement required. The staff are all friendly and supportive and go above and beyond to meet your needs. Thanks Axis!!
Aldo UdovicicAldo Udovicic
19:42 14 Jul 23
I was very impressed with Axis! I didn't know what to expect prior to my first visit, but was very pleasantly surprised. The front desk staff were very pleasant and helpful. The specialists are very professional, thorough and extremely easy to work with. The results of their work is fantastic! It's evident that they really care about their clients! 1000% would recommend them!
Raymond HoRaymond Ho
19:05 12 Jul 23
Phenomenal care with Andrew over at Axis Therapy and Performance. Andrew was able to target the various areas that contributed to my muscle soreness associated with sports, training, and work ergonomics. He was professional, attentive, informative, and thorough with his treatment. It was a great experience, and I look forward to future treatments and tune ups. I highly recommend Andrew at Axis.
Tom ButacTom Butac
12:29 11 Jul 23
My wife has been going for acupuncture/massage because of the pain in her legs. Had been to other services before and finds Axis Therapy thru Erica doing an excellent job as the pain is slowly going away. Will continue my visit with them.
Mahir Mehendi ArtMahir Mehendi Art
22:16 28 Jun 23
Have been going to this clinic for Physiotherapy since almost a year and it has been an overall an awesome experience. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the clinic is always clean. My physiotherapist is Uravi Shah and she is great at what she is doing. She always shows me new ways to strengthen my back as well as massaging tense areas to help me relax. Always looking forward to my appointments. Would highly recommend this clinic.
Lisa BertonciniLisa Bertoncini
14:11 27 Jun 23
My first time having stretch therapy. I love it! My body is going to benefit so much from these treatments. Rex really knows his stuff and he’s super nice too. Axis is a very professional clinic. Highly recommend.
Jessica LagaceJessica Lagace
01:17 31 May 23
Incredible!!!! I went to Axis unsure of the source of my pain, and Kat helped me feel brand-new and like myself again. She made me feel incredibly at ease. She was really professional, extremely knowledgable, and she thoroughly explained everything she was doing. She gave me a few tips along with stretches and exercises to do while I wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend coming here! (Axis - Scarborough location)
Farhin J.Farhin J.
00:50 20 May 23
From front desk to all the staff at Axis Therapy & Performance they are extremely helpful and nice. Customer service is professional and exceptional. I have been under the care of Dr. Uravi Shah she is compassionate, understanding, and hands on. Dr. Shah takes time to listen to your needs and understand them well. You will never see her leave the room to assist other clients while treating one. From start to the end of the session Dr. Shah is with her clients. I am completely satisfied with the treatment from Dr. Shah and with the overall clinic.
Rudy ChavarriaRudy Chavarria
10:02 04 May 23
I have been working with Dr. David Oh at Axis Therapy and Performance now for approximately 6 months. I like to take my time to do a review as a lot a of times only time tells how the relationship between practitioners and patients will develop.This case is different, I took my time as I wanted to do a review that did justice to Dr. Oh' performance.I'm rather grateful and simply impressed with he way he approaches health care and the way he supports you champions you in order for you to get better in more than one way when it comes to your well being.A very warm special thanks to Dr. oh and all of the team at Axis Therapy and Performance. If this is the way health care is being handled we have a good future ahead on getting healthier and better as people. Thanks again!With kind regards,RC.
Gops GGops G
17:15 26 Apr 23
Axis Therapy is amazing!! Staff are kind and wonderful! They are very organized and set reminders for you, and do their best to schedule you in when convenient. I've been seeing Pha-Ly Ho for a couple physiotherapy sessions and she is amazing. She knows what she's doing and is phenomenal at what she does. Highly recommend Axis Therapy, will definitely be my go to moving forward!!!
Fred MaFred Ma
18:33 19 Apr 23
I've been seeing Gary the past year for massage (RMT) and Rohan recently for physiotherapy. Both are very professional, knowledgeable and attentive to my concerns. I always leave happy.Booking an appointment is really convenient online. Haven't had any issues with processing of insurance.Parking outside can be limited during the middle of the day but I am usually able to get a spot fairly quickly.I would definitely recommend this clinic!
Arnob MirArnob Mir
00:42 14 Apr 23
If you're looking for a Physiotherapist, I highly recommend Axis!First of all, the place looks very clean and newly renovated. The front desk staff are very kind and helpful, such as setting up appointments and for insurance claims.For the past couple weeks I have been working with Anker to achieve my physio goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about her work! I have definitely noticed an improvement after just a couple of sessions with her help.
Kasthuri KarunanithiKasthuri Karunanithi
14:59 30 Jan 23
I'm so happy my husband found Axis Therapy & Performance! The people at Axis Therapy are amazing. So kind, considerate, funny, knowledgeable in their field, and provide really great advice for issues you are having. They explain in detail the process they take and ask all the questions needed to help you better. They are so great that I have recommended others to go to Axis Therapy.
Jan SchymanskiJan Schymanski
20:10 21 Nov 22
The team at Axis therapy is absolutely exceptional. Any time I have to book or re book an appointment there are never any problems. Since I first started seeing the team, I have had a few minor injured all of which have been resolved due to their excellent treatment. From cupping, acupuncture, massages, and tips to take home after your session, not only do I feel better but I feel stronger and more able bodied. I highly recommend Axis therapy.
Ivy LiIvy Li
03:54 29 Oct 22
Great experience with Axis. Every time I phone the office, right away someone will pick up the call. It is so easy to book the appointments! I love their online booking option, straightforward, timely reminders, easy to find the service availabilities, extremely flexible to reschedule, you can put yourself on the waitlist if you wish to see a specific staff. All the staffs are very professional, I always feel so relaxed when I leave the office.Everyone is so nice on the team, I always feel welcomed! I would 100% recommend my family and friends!
Camille WWCCamille WWC
15:07 18 Oct 22
The front team is a dream. They’re very pleasant & helpful, greeting everyone upon entry. The space is nice & clean— very sleek decor with nice touches of greenery.Parking is generous with a super easy registration process.I see Rex for fascial stretch therapy. He’s super knowledgeable & great at communicating what’s happening throughout the treatment in ways that I understand. I’m super grateful for the mobility homework he gives me. I work from home & spend most of my day sitting. I strength train regularly, but the assessment & tools I receive from Rex really help my to excel in my mobility goals.Thanks, Rex!
22:25 14 Oct 22
Carolyn did a great job in tending to the specific area I had trouble with in my back while also getting rid of other tight spots I wasn’t aware of. Beyond the massage itself, we had great conversation over the other services Axis offers that will be beneficial as well as tips for stretching and overall conditioning so I can be my best self when I go back to work. Definitely will be coming back!
Billy HBilly H
22:53 06 Sep 22
I absolutely love this place, it is the best the people are great. They are so friendly, warm and welcoming. They make you so comfortable you want to come back. They had me laughing for like 7 minutes straight one day. The services they provide are phenomenal, they are very professional and know what they're doing every time I leave I feel very good and relaxed. Very clean environment. I will always use their services. I highly recommend Axis.
Sukhjit MatharuSukhjit Matharu
20:35 20 Aug 22
I’ve been visiting the team at Axis for a few months now to see a chiropractor, for cupping, and for acupuncture. It’s truly made a significant difference in my healing process and have tremendous confidence in the abilities of the team. The Riverdale clinic is absolutely beautiful and very clean. Highly recommend!
Shaun FernandesShaun Fernandes
14:22 18 Aug 22
A second-to-none experience. Front desk is hospitable and very friendly! I’ve done a few appointments with Emma and she is absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable in her expertise and solved my chronic back-pain within just a session. Wish I had an extra thumb to give it three thumbs up, two isn’t enough
Vernon NavaVernon Nava
03:29 09 Aug 22
Can't recommend this place enough! Erika is amazing at what she does & does a phenomenal job of targeting areas that need attention. Really recommend her services - the cupping, body work & acupuncture trifecta is a perfect combination and I look forward to each visit. Additionally, everyone I've encountered at Axis is very friendly and easy to chat with; overall, a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of.
Gabrielle SegarraGabrielle Segarra
03:50 27 Jul 22
Absolutely love this place.Have done several FST and Deep Tissue sessions with Rex. He is fantastic and has the best hair line. Guarantee you’ll be taken care of.Update: Rex is unreal. Wow. Does not get enough credit for the work he does. Where immense knowledge meets application. You are the best.
Kristen MangosKristen Mangos
03:56 25 Jul 22
Always a 10/10 experience at Axis. The front desk staff is super friendly and helpful. I have been going for acupuncture/cupping/massage with Erika for my back pain. She really cares about my concerns and takes her time with me. She is also super knowledgable and hilarious. I feel amazing after my treatments. I tell all my friends and family to go see her!! I highly recommend!
Jerowe RagudoJerowe Ragudo
00:56 23 Jul 22
Emma gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. We discussed my problem areas before starting and I was surprised at how intuitive she was. I felt the full effects of the one-hour deep tissue massage and was sad to see the time was already up! Very impressed overall 🙂
krunal patelkrunal patel
13:24 20 Jul 22
My Genuine Review for Axis Therapy:This was my first visit to Axis and I don't mind going back there for my future treatments for following reasons:First of all, the people. Everyone is so professional and welcoming.They make you feel at home.I went there to treat my foot pain. I was having very bad foot I decided to try massage therapy. I booked a session with Emma Woodhouse to try the therapy for the very first time and i don't regret my decision. I am very much impressed with her massage therapy sessions. Emma is very professional , very knowledgeable and knows her job very well.Within just 3 sessions she managed to reduce my foot pain to great extent. She also gave me some excercises which is helping me a lot.I can definitely recommend Emma to everyone.Secondly, I liked the Place and Ambience.This place is so professionally managed and designed ( I really liked the hanging plants at the waiting area ).Its super clean and make you feel fresh on every visit.Definitely worth visiting.
Mohamed MekniMohamed Mekni
17:14 06 Jul 22
I have been fortunate to visit Axis Therapy and Performance on a regular basis for over 4 years and have always been pleased with their exceptional service. From a warm greeting at the door, to very specific and detailed treatments from the lovely therapists, I know I’m in good hands! I am a VERY HAPPY regular.M. Mekni
16:03 11 Jun 22
My girlfriend and I had a great experience at Axis. I am a physiotherapy student and I already know where I will be applying once I graduate! The customer experience from the initial call to the front desk and to the therapist is flawless and seamless. I felt like they actually cared and was taken care of every step of the way. I love that they don't use machines or send me off to assistants. The hands on approach has helped me more than what the other clinics provided me. I also love the vibe of the space and the team, they clearly all love what they do, have fun, and speak highly of each other. I have been to other clinics like Myodetox or Evolve, and although they are great and have a similar model, its the customer care from the front desk, positive environment, and the quick results my gf and I received that would put Axis above the rest. I would give more stars if I could. I have already highly recommend Axis Therapy & Performance to my friends and family.
Liban AhmedLiban Ahmed
15:53 29 Apr 22
First time going to Axis. Emma has some magical hands!! She was able to identify the root cause of my pain! Emma made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. After my session, I felt great! Highly recommend Emma for RMT. Lady at front desk was so kind! Will definitely return! Also not to mention, Emma is 😍!
Vic GanaVic Gana
14:02 11 Apr 22
I’ve had a few injuries and physical issues in my lifetime and I also had some physiotherapists and chiropractors attend to me and my needs. I have to say Dr. Tiffany has been a rare combo of getting the best medical help I can get plus an absolute awesome personality to come with it. Its just great to receive one of the best medical attention out there and couple it with that fun personality that makes you comfortable and eager to come back for more. It takes away the natural fear of seeking medical help … and that itself if awesome … Thanks Dr. Tiffany, Thanks Axis
Abigail LopezAbigail Lopez
20:28 30 Mar 22
Had an amazing massage experience with Emma! I prefer heavy pressure for my massages, I get deep tissue and Emma did not disappoint! She was able to hit all the necessary spots to relieve tension in my body. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Wayne HalungaWayne Halunga
04:26 21 Feb 22
Dr.Lim(b) - pun intended- is amazing.She’s incredibly patient and you get a real sense that she not only cares about you as a patient, but also you as a person.After every session I feel encouraged and excited to for what exercises and goals that she sets for me to help myself!I’ve finally found a chiropractor that actually does their job diligently and is caring.
Joyce BondocJoyce Bondoc
02:18 28 Jan 22
Staff are so welcoming and friendly. An easygoing environment that is clean and well maintained. Received FST with Rex and was not disappointed. He always makes sure that I am comfortable and is super attentive during every appointment I've been to. I'm feeling stronger, flexible and now able to do more and get more out of my workouts.
Krunali DaveKrunali Dave
23:25 07 Jan 22
Axis is the place to go! Be it for Teens, Young Adults, Adults, All Age Range! My family has had great experience with the multiple services they offer. I have been going to Axis for over a year, and can say that the staff is amazing; friendly, helpful, supportive, professional and understanding! A great environment to get treated!
Helen LHelen L
02:24 04 Dec 21
I found Axis by searching top rated clinic of this kind and I am so glad that I tried it. With so many good reviews, I am sure that they are all wonderful professionals, and I started with Dr. Edward and wow, he was amazing! I didn't feel the need to ask a lot of questions as I could feel that I was in good hands. Dr. Edward is an awesome chiropractor, he knows what he does, truly professional. Front desk staff is very friendly and pleasant. And of course, the clinic is very clean. Great experience!
Kirstianne RamosKirstianne Ramos
05:59 01 Dec 21
I've been coming to this clinic for a long time now as I'm beyond satisfied with the services they provide. Very professional and very good customer service. Highly recommended. 👍
Mehreen BasitMehreen Basit
19:24 06 Nov 21
I love this place. It’s my Go To. Dr. Ed is wonderful and so is the rest of the team. I’ve been doing accupuncture on my ankle due to swelling and Dr. Ed is simply amazing. He’s so nice and welcoming, and very educated. He makes you feel very comfortable. The entire staff is awesome as well. They answer any questions in regards to insurance which is really helpful.Thank you guys for everything ☺️

Axis is rated as Scarborough’s best clinic – we do not compromise on quality of care or customer service. We are results driven, and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and live pain free.

Your physiotherapist can use a wide range of techniques including (but not limited to) stretching, active release technique, cupping therapy, contemporary acupuncture/dry needling, ultrasound, IMS, and exercise rehab.

Our Physiotherapists also collaborate with other team members (chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and fascial stretch therapists) to ensure you are getting a complete circle of care.

Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Scarborough

Pha-Ly Ho, Physiotherapist

“I believe in a holistic approach to treating your injury. A dysfunction in a single body part would affect the whole movement system. My goal is to put the pieces together & improve your quality of life”


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Axis Therapy & Performance – Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, RMT, Naturopath Riverdale
377 Broadview Ave, Unit 101
Toronto, ON M4K 2M7

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