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About Nutrition Therapy

In order keep our bodies moving the way we want, how we choose to nourish it matters too.

Dietitian Scarborough, Axis Therapy

A dietitian is someone who understands food and can help to regulate the diet to support what your body needs. They are licensed professionals who thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat nutrition-related issues for their clients in a holistic way. They seek to understand the goals of the client and in turn, support them in a way that best suits their needs. Here are a few areas where a dietitian can help:

  • How to form healthy eating habits
  • Weight management
  • Management of diabetes
  • Management of Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Fatty Liver, etc
  • Support for food sensitivities and IBS
  • Nutrigenomix – Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

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Dietitian Scarborough, Axis Therapy

Dietitian at Axis Therapy Scarborough

Our diets are a very ingrained and personal parts of us, and the way we maintain balanced and high quality eating is unique for each individual. Not only are the nutrients itself important, but food also is closely tied to culture, social behaviours, accessibility, emotions, and much more. 

Food can be complicated, and sometimes, this particular area of life becomes difficult to manage. Nutrition therapy is the treatment of nutrition-related diseases or issues through an evidence-based and individualized process involving changes in diet and lifestyle.

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Dietitian Scarborough

Annette Cheung, RD

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