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Our expert Physiotherapists help relieve your pain, heal your injury, & get you back to doing what you love


377 Broadview Ave. Unit 101, Toronto ON M4K 2M7. (416)462-0005.

We also have Sports Massage Therapists, Chiropractors & Naturopaths available!

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Why Choose a Physiotherapist at Axis Therapy & Performance?

We are passionate about your entire experience from beginning to end. Not only will your physio focus on high-quality hands-on care – we ensure our front staff is also top notch to provide you with the best customer service experience. We are results driven, and love nothing more than helping you achieve your goals and live pain free

Your physiotherapist will work with you hands-on for the entire session. Minimum of 30-minute treatments, that are 1-on-1 with your expert therapist, means you are getting high quality care that will get you fast & effective results.

Your Physiotherapist can also collaborate with other team members (chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and fascial stretch therapists) to ensure you are getting a complete circle of care you need to getting back to pain free.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are trained for many years to help you recover from any pain or injuries. They use a variety of hands-on techniques & exercise therapy to help you heal from an injury, rehab after surgery and help relieve any chronic pain! Some common conditions that physiotherapy can treat include:
– Frozen Shoulder
– Rotator Cuff injury
– Bursitis
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Knee pain/knee injury’s
– Low Back Pain
– Arthritis Pain
– Sciatica
– Tennis/golfer’s elbow.. & more

Physiotherapists also help you recover & get stronger after surgery. Come see us after your:
– ACL/MCL Repair
– Meniscus Surgery
– Rotator Cuff surgery
– Post fracture

How Does Physiotherapy Work?

Our Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to encourage the body to heal & repair itself, while restoring your function and decreasing pain.
Your Physiotherapist can use a combination of soft tissue techniques, cupping therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, ultrasound, stretches and prescribing exercises.
When you come for your first appointment, your physiotherapist will perform and thorough assessment of your pain or injury. This will help them identify the root cause of what’s your issues and will work with you to formulate a plan to help you achieve your goals.
Your appointment will always consist of a hands-on portion where they provide immediate relief to the area of pain, either by massaging it, stretching, acupuncture, or maybe even cupping. Some physiotherapists might use ultrasound or IFC to help reduce your inflammation to provide you with pain relief.
During your physiotherapy session you will also be provided with some exercises to help you strengthen your areas of weakness or stretch out tight muscles to reduce your pain and keep you moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Doctor’s Notes?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to come to see our clinic to see one of our physiotherapists. However, check with your insurance company to see if you need one for reimbursement. If you have any ultrasound/x-ray/MRI/CT results, please bring them in or email them to us prior to your appointment! Your physiotherapist can review the results with you.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! Physiotherapy services are covered by most employee health benefits plans. We offer direct billing for most major insurance companies including:

– Manulife/OTIP
– Sunlife
– Canada Life
– Green Shield Canada
– Desjardins
– Industrial Alliance
– Medavie Bluecross
– Claimsecure
– Manion
Don’t see your insurer here? Call us at (416)462-0005 and speak to one of our Client Experience Coordinators directly!

Bailey WongBailey Wong
18:04 27 May 23
Emma at Axis Therapy is a fantastic RMT!I went in with neck and shoulder pain, which was super stiff from working on a computer all day. She was able to work wonders with a targeted and focused RMT treatment 😊 highly would recommend!!
lilian qiulilian qiu
00:04 08 Dec 22
Carolyn & Dr. Claire are awesome! I had my first cupping session ever with Carolyn and really enjoyed it. I personally like deep massages that are a little more painful, and Carolyn was great for that (I’m sure she can adjust the pressure more to your own preference). Also really liked that Dr Claire gave me some strengthening exercises (and not just stretching), to help my back pain. The clinic is also beautiful and there is street parking right outside the door, free after 4pm!
Tungesh KapilTungesh Kapil
22:29 20 Nov 22
This place is amazing!I was recommended the location when it first opened up by the Culture Running Group. The facility has a new modern look, which is extremely inviting and comforting. They are all the necessary tools and equipment you would except (except a Treadmill). I really enjoy their online system for bookings, payments and information - a good website and UI always helps.I actually came here because of a knee injury I had. William, my physiotherapist, was amazing! He helped me identify the cause of the injury, helped setup a plan to get me back into running and provided valuable exercises. I had 3 races I was training for and luckily was able to do all 3 with the help of William and the Axis team.
Hannah EwenHannah Ewen
20:48 29 Oct 22
I loved my experience at Axis Therapy & Performance. It was my second time at the clinic but my first massage. Emma was absolutely great! She made me feel very comfortable. I really liked that she explained how the movements she was doing related to my previous chiro appointment, helping target some of my problem areas. It was a very enjoyable experience and the clinic is beautiful. Will definitely be going back, highly recommend!
Kevin ValiaoKevin Valiao
21:21 25 Oct 22
I’m really blessed to know Axis Therapy & Performance!They have the best team here! Everyone knows what to do and explain everything to you in a detailed way! They’re really nice here too! Receptionist are really kind and easy to talk to! It’s so hard to really choose who you gonna go with because they’re all great on what they’re doing! They’re very knowledgeable and they all have magic hands.1000% will recommend this facility (Axis Markham & Riverdale) to anyone who’s having pain in their body!
Jillian RoseJillian Rose
15:16 13 Oct 22
I am so happy that Axis has moved into the area! I just left my massage with Emma and it was one of the best massages I have ever gotten. Because of my job I have a lot of tension in my upper back and Emma was able to completely release the tension. I feel so much better now. Not only is the clinic stunning, everyone who works there is extremely kind. Thank you to the team for making my experience extremely enjoyable, I will be back 100%!
Michelle BuhayMichelle Buhay
02:27 11 Oct 22
I always had an issue with my back pain, muscle stiffness and sciatica nerve and had been going to different rehabilitation for treatment but never been better until Axis Therapy started my treatment sessions. My pain are gone in time. I feel better and I may say that my back is like "brand new". My case is a long term process treatment. Axis Therapy had been very patient, hands on and focus in client care. The ultimate goal for my treatment was met beyond my expectations. I would definitely highly recommend Axis Therapy from simple to complex issues they have the excellent providers and staff to meet your needs.
Shelena PhanShelena Phan
22:00 08 Oct 22
So happy Axis has a downtown location now!I’ve been going to their original location for years to treat job-related pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders. I feel amazing after each massage and chiropractor session.The staff here are so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. In addition to treatment, they share preventative measures and stretches (personalized for what I experience from my constant repetitive motions/hunched over posture at work) to keep any stiffness and pain at bay. I’ve definitely seen long-term improvements.Booking is always a breeze with their online system.Bonus, their new space is super spacious, clean and modern! It really adds to the overall experience.Highly recommend if you are looking for personalized care from a hardworking, dedicated team.Thank you Axis staff for always taking the best care of your clients!
Allan RososAllan Rosos
20:47 08 Oct 22
I always look forward whenever I’m getting my treatments! From the reception to the therapists. Axis Therapy makes you feel comfortable and warm. I always leave feeling relaxed, strong and a little smarter too! 😊 Keep up the fantastic work!
Davin RDavin R
19:00 08 Oct 22
Extremely happy with the chiropractic services provided to me by Dr. Urvi!! As a Paramedic, I used to have recurring mid/lower back pain, in addition to neck and left shoulder soreness. Since being a recurring patient here, I am almost completely pain free. I feel like a totally new person. They have provided me with treatment plans, and homework (stretches /exercises) that I can do on my own time, as preventative maintenance.The staff are always prompt, polite, and quick to answer any questions. They have been very flexible, working with my schedule as well.5/5 thanks for everything Team Axis!
Tara CarouTara Carou
22:25 05 Oct 22
Fantastic practitioners at Axis!I’ve had the privilege to get treated by three of them. I look forward to my regular sessions with them to help me continue working as an RMT and to lift in the gym.Carolyn’s acupuncture needling techniques are precise and provide relief in my tension areas. Her manual skills as an RMT are accurate and that elbow is magic!Dr. Lim’s functional assessments and unique exercises helps treat and target my problem areas (yes, I got many). She is very knowledgeable and have found imbalances I was unaware of.And Rex’s FST table stretching is always a treat. My tissues melt like butter. Breath while stretching is crucial for our tissues. We all need more of this!Thanks for all the great quality work Axis! My body thanks you🙏
Viet DuongViet Duong
20:15 28 Sep 22
Upon arrival, entering the clinic was breathtaking. I can see the team at Axis has clearly taken the initiative into improving the aesthetics of the clinic and the overall atmosphere. More importantly, all the therapists are respectful, professional, caring, and genuine. I felt as if they genuinely cared about my health issues and didn’t see me as just a “patient” for monetary value. They treated me like family and went above and beyond to improve my quality of life. Without hesitation, Axis is easily the best clinic in the GTA.- Chung
Marcello Di GirolamoMarcello Di Girolamo
23:07 22 Sep 22
I have been having a lot of trouble with my body in the past and present times , due to hard working tasks and sport related injuries . Since I started my treatments sessions at Axis therapy with Carolyn my body has improved so much and also my old pains I use to carry on with me , seiing her regularly , are gone . I strongly reccomend her treatments to whoever is in pain as I was , I'm very happy , the professionality and knowledge that Carolyn shares at Axis therapy are excellent every time !
Ann Victoria GjeciAnn Victoria Gjeci
19:10 03 Sep 22
I went to Axis Therapy & Performance clinic for my lower back and hips problem. Setting up an appointment was easy and the ladies from the main desk was very helpful. I received treatment from Dr. Tiffany Lim. And for our first initial assessment she was able to point out more problem that I have not notice or rather ignored for I just gave birth 3 months ago and I have a toddler at home. I received acupuncture, cupping and she did some adjustments. She also gave me treatment plans that also worked for me at home.I also received Physiotherapy treatment from Rupal Panchal and she was so great at assessing the issue and she performed deep tissue massage to my back and legs. She was so great, took her time and didn’t feel like I was rush.Because of my regular sessions with Dr. Lim and Rupal I’ve notice a significant change, I was able to go back to my normal routine at home and take care for my kids.I highly recommend this clinic as they are professional and have a great team that will support you.
Janani KodeeswaranJanani Kodeeswaran
19:45 02 Sep 22
Dr. Tiffany Lim is an amazing chiropractor! I like that she takes a comprehensive approach to helping me recover from my knee and ankle injuries that aren’t band-aid solutions. Before going to Axis Therapy, I wasn’t sure that I would recover and would have recurring issues. After working with Dr. Lim, I’m optimistic about getting better and sustaining this change long-term. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lim and Axis Therapy. Thank you so much for your support!
Barber TheoryBarber Theory
12:12 29 Jul 22
Carolyn is hands down the best RMT we’ve been too. She really took the time to understand our teams needs and each one of our team members are more than satisfied with her experience!! 100% would highly recommend
Stephanie CStephanie C
00:56 05 Jul 22
For over 10 years I have experienced frequent headaches due to tension in my neck, shoulders and back. I have been seeing Carolyn regularly to treat/prevent these headaches, and she is amazing. After each visit I have a lot more mobility in my neck and feel much better. She is super strong but is able to adjust her pressure for more sensitive areas.They are temporarily operating out of Barber Theory and currently open once a week on Sundays while their permanent location (just next door) is being renovated.Also, I have insurance with Sun Life and Axis offers direct billing, which is very convenient.
Fabrice PaulFabrice Paul
14:53 29 May 22
After talking with the staff it’s great to know that they have a location in Scarborough as well as the river sale area, two of the most common places I am at. I always feel very relaxed after my sessions and they will have a customer for life
Mohsin MohamedMohsin Mohamed
19:41 23 Apr 22
The service received from Axis was exceptional. I recovered extremely quickly from my injury thanks to Axis. My new go-to place for all my massage and physio needs. Staff are extremely friendly and professional and would definitely recommend them to all!
bobby floresbobby flores
22:08 07 Apr 22
My go to spot for a back adjustment and body healing. Overall it is a place to feel better both physically and mentally. Carolyn with her acupuncture and cupping therapies do wonders. You literally leave the place feeling better 10 fold! The Staff are so welcoming and you feel like family. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Hanson WongHanson Wong
10:51 07 Apr 22
Axis Healthcare's Team is one of the best in the business. As a high performance athlete, I am often fairly rough conditions due to intense and frequent training. Axis has helped tune up my body so that I can sustain my training and perform at my best when it counts. The team is professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and always improving their craft. I would highly recommend anyone who has an injury or just needs a general tune up to go see them.
Manny C. Lamila-SammutManny C. Lamila-Sammut
00:30 06 Apr 22
I have had the pleasure of working with Carolyn and Dr.Lim.Hands down by far. These woman are an incredible duo and I would highly recommend you utilize their skills like PB&J.Carolyn is by far the best Acupuncturist I have ever had. I have never gotten so much relief and detail in my care from a specialist like herself.Carolyn has helped me greatly and I still see her for maintenence and recovery. She has also helped many of my team members too.Dr.Lim is one hell of a new guns a blazing Chiropractor. Merging neuro mechanicals, in-depth assessments, homework and top quality adjustments and care.Dr.Lim takes the extra time for your specific issues and does the steps that few Chiropractors ever do. She has done some incredible work for my team and myself included.Thank you; both of you 👊🏽😎Thank you for taking care of me and my amazing team 🙌🤩
April PenaApril Pena
01:38 30 Mar 22
🙌❤️ Soo much love for Carolyn! She's been my go-to for acupuncture and massage therapy. Amazed at what she's done for my neck and back.
Albert ChenAlbert Chen
22:37 29 Mar 22
I've had so many injuries and soreness throughout my body (shoulders, neck, knees, hips, spine, pecs etc.) but this Axis team is legit. I train 4-6x a week all year round and I truly count on this team to keep me tuned up to perform. The physiotherapists are always picking up new skills to treat my muscular imbalances and injuries. The chiropractors are constantly evolving with new treatment techniques and keeping my skeletal frame fluid. The massage therapists are using all the tools (acupuncture, cupping) to tackle my deep knots. I highly recommend this team for anyone who just wants to live the life they want. Whether it's just walking your dog, or having fun with the kids and especially winning in your sport.

Hands-on Physiotherapy sessions to effectively target your pain

We’ve heard so many stories from our clients about how physiotherapy was never effective for them. Then we ask them to tell us about their experience, and it turns out that they had never experienced much of a hands-on approach from their previous therapists.

At Axis Therapy & Performance we provide hands-on care from the get go during all our physiotherapy sessions!

Getting Back to Sports with Physiotherapy

Are you ready to get back in the game?

With the return of outdoor activities/sports, we are all iching to jump back into it, but from our experiences, injuries can happen at any age. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prehab. 

Our physical therapists are more than just rehab specialist. They will help build your endurance, balance, coordination, and durability via increased mobility and stability. 


Call, email or book online to start your journey to living pain free, moving better and feeling stronger!

Axis Therapy & Performance – Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Naturopath Riverdale
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