Not Getting Regular Sports Massages? Here’s what you’re missing out on.

Written By: Axis Therapy & Performance June 8, 2023

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What’s the one thing that as an athlete you are always striving for? To run faster, jump higher, lift heavier. Let me ask you another question – would you ever imagine a race car driving NOT having a trusted mechanic? Getting regular sports massages can be the key to unlocking your performance!

What Is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage therapy is a type of  massage that is specifically designed for people who are involved in athletic activities. As a sports massage therapists, we use a very targeted approach which includes the manipulation of soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to help improve athletic performance, prevent injuries, and aid in the recovery process. 

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When Should I Get TREATMENT?

Sports massage therapy can be used before, during, and after competitions/races/events or training sessions. Before an event, it can help prep your body for activity by increasing circulation and flexibility. During an event, it can help reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion. After an event or training session, getting appropriate treatment can help speed up your recovery process by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation

3 Ways Sports Massage Therapy Can Level Up Your Game

  1. Reduces muscle soreness and tension

Athletes experience muscle soreness and tension due to the physical demands of their sport. During training and competing your muscle fibres physically breakdown creating soreness and built up tension in the muscles. 

Seeing a sport RMT can help reduce muscle soreness and tension by improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation. By increasing circulation, we help reduce the build-up of lactic acid and other waste products in the muscles, which can contribute to soreness and stiffness.

Targeted and specific treatment also helps to reduce trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points can occur as a result of overuse or injury, and can cause discomfort and pain. By using specific massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage and targeted trigger point release therapy, sports RMTs can effectively relieve the pain and discomfort associated with nasty trigger points.

  1. Enhances athletic performance

As we all know, as an athlete – you are always looking for ways to improve their performance. Sports massage therapy can be the key to unlocking this. By reducing muscle soreness and tension, sports massage therapy helps you recover more quickly from workouts and training sessions. This means that you can train more frequently and more intensely, which can lead to improved performance.

Sports therapy also helps improve range of motion and flexibility. By releasing muscle tension and improving circulation, sports massage therapy can help you move more freely. More mobility and flexibility means more efficient movements, less cramping, bigger ranges of movement and more control of your body. 

  1. Reduces the risk of injury

As an athlete – you are at risk of injury due to the physical demands of your sport. Getting regular treatment can help reduce the risk of injury by improving muscle function and reducing muscle imbalances. Improving muscle function helps ensure that the muscles are working together properly, which can reduce the risk of strain or injury.

A sports massage therapist can also help identify areas of the body that are prone to injury. By assessing your posture and movement patterns, we can identify areas that may be at risk of injury. We can then use massage techniques to help improve the function of those areas and reduce the risk of injury.

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Overall – sports massage therapy is an important tool for athletes who are looking to improve their performance and recover from injuries. By reducing muscle soreness and tension, enhancing athletic performance, and reducing the risk of injury, sports massage therapy can help athletes stay healthy and perform at their best. If you are an athlete or are involved in athletic activities, consider adding sports massage therapy to your training regimen to level up your game!


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